Little news about the extent of damage done to the Darwin Correctional Centre during the recent jail riot has been released to the public. I believe the full picture of damage should be released because it is our money, through tax contribution, that will be used to restore damaged facilities. A $40 million repair bill must have meant that massive damage was done to the centre.


The vegetation and environmental upgrade to the CBD entrance via Daly Street is spellbinding. People coming to work from Daly Street are going to experience the natural beauty and artistic enhancement of this city entrance on a daily basis. This wonderful exposure will be a fantastic way to start each working day.


The Victorian Coronavirus surge is almost tsunami like. With our borders opening in a fortnight we can but fervently hope that our Chief Minister will keep the NT firmly closed to all Victorians. We cannot afford to entertain visitors from any state with such an alarming rate of COVID-19 increase. We need to join with Queensland, SA and WA in keeping our borders closed to all Victorians.


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