The image (NT News 3/7) of people literally crushing together on arrival at the Darwin Airport as they awaited COVID-19 assessment filled me with alarm.

Surely airport security, staff and the police contingent can require people to observe physical distancing rules. This deliberate avoidance of this most basic rule filled me with foreboding. There is no room for this violation.


I wish that reporters and journalists would not ask the same questions of political leaders and health officials say after day and even during the same news conference.

They need to learn to listen to answers and also should not ask questions in a way that puts words into the mouths of those being questioned. Those reporting should avoid creating a questioning atmosphere that is antagonistic rather than clarifying and supportive of overall efforts by these authorities.


I am intrigued by the lead story in the Sunday Territorian (Senior cop’s lead foot 5/7). What was its point when the senior officer was not named, the speed being done was not revealed, the time and location of the offence was not given and the fine amount was not disclosed.

What is the point of a front page story wrapped in such vagueness?


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