The NT News continues to diversify with sections now included in some issues for the Palmerston and Rural areas and now Central Australia. Diversification. Moving with the times is important; however, I wish that those shaping our paper sometimes revisited past years with a view to reinstating some of the features that were embraced by readership at the time.


I just picked up an empty cigarette packet and put it in the bin. It says in large letters on the opening flap, “quitting will improve your health”. It seems to me that at $1.71 a cigarette (the cost these days) that quitting would also improve in the financial position of those who smoke.


The Rotary Club criticism of Michael Gunner for not participating in a gathering of Fannie Bay candidates is unfortunate. Doubtless, his visit to Wadeye would in part be to offer support and reassurance to residents who are confronting the realities of COVID-19. His most immediate priority is looking after us in the face of this perilous virus. He is putting the needs of Territorians ahead of his personal agenda and that is the hallmark of a good leader.


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