With the groundswell and reaction that has happened about the issue, I wonder if it is possible for police Constable Zachary Rolfe to be tried fairly and impartially in the NT Supreme Court. Surely his trial should be adjudicated by a judge only because establishing a jury of people who have not been impacted by public reaction, will be well nigh impossible.


Millions and millions of dollars are being spent during this Australian COVID-19 crisis to ensure that people in quarantine do not breach their boundaries. Hundreds and hundreds of fines have been issued, most of which will never ever be paid, so they are deterrents in name only. There is no shame about breaching and in fact some breach on multiple occasions. Now we have people scaling barriers on the NSW/Queensland border in order to offend. There is no thought for others; these acts are wanton and selfish.

What these deliberately disobedience acts deserve is not jail. That would add additional cost to detention. Offenders need caning, that is a little of the type pf medicine meted out in some overseas countries for acts of this nature.

If caning was in, I’ll bet a dollar to five cents, there would be a swift end to thoughts about breaching quarantine restrictions.

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