It would be wonderful if people could be trusted to do the right thing when self isolating or voluntarily quarantining under the 14 day rule. Unfortunately, far too many people cannot be trusted and that is evidenced by the thousands of dollars of fines already levied upon those caught. For every person caught, there are probably nine who are not apprehended, making this deliberate disobedience a risk to us all. Quarantine should be mandatory, supervised in an appropriate institution with the cost of accommodation bourne by the person in isolation.


The two new mountain bike trails opened in Nitmiluk National Park will be a real fillip for nearby Katherine. Mountain biking is a burgeoning sport, one experiencing exponential growth and spectator interest. Competitor and spectator boost will be good for the town and region.


The careless and lackadaisical way in which Victoria handled hotel quarantine and the self- centred attitude of those connected with the urge toward large family gatherings, have overwhelmed that state with an explosion of COVID-19. The Victorian situation is as bad as that in any American state.


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