Territorians owe a debt of gratitude to the NT News/Sunday Territorian, Sky News, the ABC and Mix 104.9 for the ‘front and centre’ focus that was provided in the weeks leading up to our election. Reporting on outcomes and the analysis of results offered have been of a similar high standard. Without doubt, the election cover offered has been the best and most analytical provided in the years since self government. Thank you for keeping us all informed and in the loop.

The reduction in COVID-19 cases in Victoria in the past few days is encouraging. But there is a long way to go and the process of recovery could be frustrated and stalled by those already agitating for a loosening of restrictions. The qualities of impatience and non-cooperation have been key contributors to the Victorian malaise. A sense of community has to prevail over individual wants and needs.


The oversight and development of the Kakadu National Park continues to be an increasingly complex issue. Future consideration about this iconic environmental area is being wracked by argument and ijostling for management position in a way that is totally unhelpful. The issue is not helped by the fact that park facilities have been poorly maintained and allowed to deteriorate to a point of where upgrade and replacement, costing tens of millions of dollars, is the only way forward. What should be a key Territory asset has become a major burden.

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