Stories in the NT News (3/9, p.7) report crimes perpetrated by seven youth, aged 13 – 15. Crimes were well planned and carried out with precision. The perpetrators also caused significant damage to property and premises. For specialists in the field of youthful offending, wanting to mitigate punishment because those under 14 (some want it at 16) do not understand what they are doing and have an insufficient understanding between right and wrong is total garbage.


An airfare from Gove to Darwin, for a flight of one hour’s duration and booked a fortnight ago, cost $200. An airfare from Darwin to Gove, flying with the same airline, if booked today for tomorrow, would cost just over $900. I need help in trying to understand this huge discrepancy.


Daniel Andrews daily press conferences on COVID-19 in Victoria would be helped if a moderator was present to nominate those wanting to ask questions. The moderator might disallow questions already asked, in order to avoid reduplicated responses. Journalists ought also listen to and comprehend answers before asking what amount to repeat questions.


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