Those apprehended and found guilty of arson during this bushfire season, must feel the full force of the law. Arson is surely one of the most reprehensible of all crimes. We should thank the NT citizen whose alertness and vigilance brought the recent arson committed near Adelaide River to the attention of authorities. It is pleasing that the alleged perpetrator was apprehended. May all people, their livestock, homes and property be preserved during the fire season.


The deteriorating trade and economic relationship between Australia and China, with cuts to key export commodities, should be a wake-up

call to Australia that we need diversification in the market place. Alternative export markets will need to be sourced and quickly, in order to avoid our country being saddled with product that will sit in warehouses, going nowhere. We need to focus on reinstating and producing manufactured products we have been more than happy to buy from China, for right now this country is becoming caught on the horns of a trading dilemma.


Northern Territorians continue to wait with bated breath to discover the make-up of the NT Legislative Assembly. It looks as if the Gunner Government will have a comfortable working majority but the opposition will offer sharper focus on issues than was possible in the la Ii st parliament. Government should be smarter because when elected in 2016, most were parliamentary newbies and four years of experience should mean a more mature approach to managing the agenda. The Assembly should also sit more frequently and consider regional parliamentary sessions. (Now the waiting is over.)


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