Stories in the NT News (3/9, p.7) report crimes perpetrated by seven youth, aged 13 – 15. Crimes were well planned and carried out with precision. The perpetrators also caused significant damage to property and premises. For specialists in the field of youthful offending, wanting to mitigate punishment because those under 14 (some want it at 16) do not understand what they are doing and have an insufficient understanding between right and wrong is total garbage.


Victoria’s CHO Brett Sutton has suggested that the coronavirus is on its “last gasp” and Victoria is without question on “the winning stretch” against COVID-19 (Sunday Territorian 6/9). With so many people breaching quarantine restrictions, including taking to the streets in their hundreds to protest lockdowns, this might be a statement in hope rather than actuality. Without doubt, people breaching the requirements, will prolong the virus through community transmission.


Hats off to Daniel Andrews for his steadfastness in trying to lead Victoria out from under the COVID-19 blanket smothering that state. His task is the more difficult because he is countering an army of critics, many who are focussed on political point scoring. It seems these people want Victoria opened up so the virus can again explode, causing the state to again be locked down. That approach is short sighted and lacks sense. Critics need to back off,stop bullying and give Andrews a chance.

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