Qantas must be overwhelmed with all the overtures it is receiving as a company. It seems that every capital city in Australia, sponsored by every state government is viing for the airline to headquarter within its boundaries. The invitations are becoming quite cutthroat and could lead to dizziness.

It may well be that Qantas accepts the bid of the contender offering the most to the company by way of regulated grants. This financial offering would be into perpetuity, meaning that all facilities and infrastructure everything by the airline company would be free of cost.

So the government that is willing to pick up the total tab and then some for the operational costs of Qantas will be the winner.

Countless shareholders will be celebrating all the way to their biannual portfolio statements and dividends celebrations.

And a company that until recently was crying “poor” will be rolling in dollars like Walter Disney’s “Uncle Scrooge” in his money bin.

This is all so wonderful! I am wondering what company or group will next be on the relocation invitation list being offered by state governments.

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