In recent months, there have been several near misses (and some accidents) on the bottom end of Vanderlin and Leanyer Drives, adjacent to the old City Council storage depot. The two roads have become major traffic thoroughfares, with traffic volume escalated by the residential developments of Lyons and Muirhead. It is high time for the speed limit on this section of Vanderlin Drive to be reduced from 80 kph to no more than 60 kph. Or do we have to wait for a fatality to prompt the change?


After the last City of Darwin Council election in August 2017, various aldermen undertook to organise periodic meetings in their wards to hear from ratepayers. These meetings have never happened. Neither have promised newsletters or attendance of aldermen at shopping centres on some weekends in order to liaise with those who ejected them. Aldermen receive allowances that equate to around $45 dollars per day, together with extra for participation in council committees. It would be nice if we heard from them during their four year terms of tenure.

September 21 was a sad day for ABC radio adherents. The 7.45 am 15 minute news bulletin is no more and has disappeared into perpetuity. This news bulletin because of its length and detail, has been the highlight news offering of the day for those valuing detail in stories offered to listeners. This seems to be just one more step in a process of Australia’s broadcaster withdrawing from its radio audience. The move is extremely disappointing.

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