The defence force upgrade that is boosting air combat capability (NT News 7/9) should be wonderfully reassuring to all Territorians worried about the potential of conflict to engage Australian. The Territory’s vastness and sparse population make us vulnerable to outside infiltration. Enhanced survelliance and increased air defence capability is reassuring. This upgrade will boost our economy, especially in the nearby town of Katherine.

Recent stories in the NT News confirm that the ‘lost’ skills of saving money and reducing credit card debt (NT News 8/9) are being rediscovered. The fact that 500,000 credit card accounts have been closed since March, indicates a significant re-think about debt. The penury of many people have magnified their inability to cope with the covid crisis. May saving money to help with managing contingencies become a part of our social fabric.


The second Gunner Government’s ministry offers an interesting mix and match of people in positions. It never hurts for portfolio change to take place and there is no better time for that to happen than at the commencement of a new term in office. I hope the notion of ‘ministerial team’ will prevail over the ‘winners and losers’ syndrome that is so often a part of commentary accompanying change. The new ministry MUST be given a chance to work and criticism for the sake of criticising will be counterproductive.

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