For the life of me, I cannot see why SCOMO had to fly to Japan to meet with his prime ministerial counterpart. That brief (48 hour) trip cost many thousands of dollars to mount for little more than the touching of elbows and the signing of a new relationships deal. Now the PM has to isolate for 14 days at a time fraught with key events regularly unfolding within Australia. Surely the revamped alliance could have been covered by televised media with both men signing the new deal and electronically transferrin documents without the need for a face-to-face encounter.


We don’t need a “she says, he says” situation developing between the NT Government and the hotel industry over the supply of rooms to support covid quarantine requirements (NT News ‘Covid hotel deal bungle’, 20/11).

The Alice Springs surge of people coming from SA under new entry restrictions caught everyone on the hop. Fortunately things sorted. In moving on there is a need for understanding and cooperation, not discord and conflict. Countering the virus works best when we are ‘together as one’ in countering its threat.


And people wonder why youth commit crimes! REALLY?

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