The NT has gone from total lockout to unrestricted opening of our borders to SA in a cavalier and unthinking manner. There are still cases in SA being traced to the Paraville cluster. And there are several thousand South Australians in 14 day quarantine at home.

Professor Spurrier the SA CHO said (21/11) that Adelaide “… is not out of the woods yet.” But the NT opened up to the WHOLE OF SA from 9.00 am on Saturday 21/11. This was premature. The reopening should not have included Adelaide and immediate city areas identified as virus prone.


Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro is incorrect in her assertion that the Gunner government “… has lost control of crime and anti-social behaviour across the Territory” (‘Outraged at crime’, NT News, 24/10). The issue is one that has been getting progressively worse over the last 30 years and through the tenures of all governments.

While the majority of young people are decent and principled, the offending of those who prefer criminality is becoming ever more insidious. This will not change until the issue is tacked in a firm, bipartisan manner. While ever politicans of different persuasions play the finger pointing blame game, the issue of youth crime will become ever more entrenched as a major social malaise.


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