It doesn’t take an Einstein to work out that China is playing a game with Australian agricultural and mineral exports at the moment.

This attitude is delaying the receipt of product and forcing economic hardship on exporters. It is also playing on the state of their sociological and mental well-being.

Federal Agricultural Minister David Littleproud is indirectly addressing the issue. Rather than second guessing China, he and his department should be actively seeking alternative markets for Australian produce.


I’ll probably be canned for this comment by Maradona’s legion of followers, but he is NOT a man I admire nor a person to be upheld as a role model.

His aura of influence goes beyond soccer. I cannot accept that his social, moral or character habits make him a person to be idolised and revered – rather the reverse.

I would never ever uphold him as a role model or as a person who should be emulated and copied. Neither do I think he was a good influence nor a person who exemplified moral character.

A good sportsman yes … but nothing more.


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