Youth crime is rampant. Fat chance of any fix. Govt is not interested in taking hard decisions.

Authorities wimp out because of the representation of action groups who do not believe these youth are responsible for their actions. They prefer the fashionable ideologies rather than the hard truth of reality.

The CM and the Cabinet as a whole prefer to play ostrich on this issue. Sad but true.

And no worries for parents for they will NEVER EVER be held accountable for the actions of their offspring


I recently flew (because of medical necessity) on two Qantas flights that were both fully laden with passengers.

How I wish a Covid vaccine been available to help counter any threat of virus transmission occasioned by the absolute crush of people on those flights for hours on end.

When the vaccine becomes available, vaccination prior to travel (unless impossible because of some pre-existing condition) should be a mandated requirement.

That should apply for domestic as well as international travellers.


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