PFAS awareness can cause joy to turn unto alarm. It was not so many years ago that children and adults used to love the fire brigade coming to schools and entertainment venues, so they could frisk, gambol, slide and cavort in the foam generated, often for lengthy periods of time. PFAS awareness has brought such activity to a shuddering halt and possibly concern by on the part of some about chemical exposure.


I notice that more and more, COVID-19 is being discussed in the past tense, inferring the threat has passed and the virus is now history. To use the past tense in relation to this deadly virus, promotes a false sense of security and more dangerously, could lull us into complacency.


The huge amount of work done by police in Alice Springs in preparing over 100 evidence briefs and well over 200 prosecution files as a response to youth crime in Alice Springs in recent weeks (NT News 3/12) does not bring a conclusion to issues.

These cases now go to court where, in all probability, most of those offending will be handling minimal sentences. Indeed, lengthy rap sheets will offer offenders the chance to brag about their behaviour.


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