Nhulunbuy, a town of 3000 plus residents on the Gove Peninsula, used to be known as the Bauxite Capital of the NT.

These days it wears two less positive labels. It is the town of frequent and often lengthy power outages. It is also the ‘passed over’ town, subject to the indignity of all too frequently cancelled Air North flights. The community deserves better.


Although subjective, I enjoy contemplating the ‘Most Powerful 120’ list, considering who (I think) is there to do the best they can for the NT and who is there to build personal profiles and CV’s they can use to gain seniority and positions beyond the Territory, merely using this place as a personal stepping stone.

Those who come into the first category have my deep appreciation and respect.

Several months ago, there were 20,000 or so overseas Australians or persons with Australian residential entitlement wanting to return because of Covid 19. Since then, close to 30,000 have been returned, and the waiting list of people still wanting to return is STILL OVER 30,000.

. How come, given the number who have returned, the waiting list is still growing.


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