The third cricket test designated for Sydney looks in extreme doubt. The test should be rescheduled and played at Traeger Park in Alice Springs.

The Alice would offer one of the safest Covid free environments in Australia. Appropriate accomodation for the teams and support staff could be arranged at quite short notice. Teams would be offered outstanding conditions in the idyllic Red Centre.


There is an excellent 15 minute production available for viewing. It’s titled “A Complete Indian Test Cricket Innings”.


Can someone please reveal how a ‘deep clean’ associated with COVID-19 is defined and what the term means in terms of cleaning methodology.

I have witnessed a number of ‘deep cleans’ being carried out and in all cases the term “a lick and a promise” would have been more appropriate. Are ‘deep cleans’ for real or is it more a case of verbal reassurance rather than any change in cursory cleaning methodology?


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