The half and full page advertisements from politicans wishing us Christmas, New Year and other special occasions greetings are appreciated.

It is nice to be remembered as a citizen and as a taxpayer whose tax dollars help offset the cost of those advertisements.


The rewording of the national anthem to become “we are one and free” promotes the inclusivity that should be part of the Australian way of thinking.

If this helps in drawing us together, distancing definitions that define us by race, colour and creed, the anthem change will help unite us in oneness and unity.


There is a bit of a mixed metaphor about our exiting 2020 and entering 2021. We are keen to throw off the shackles of COVID-19 and the challenges with which we have been confrontedf by the coronavirus.

However, we need to proceed with optimistic caution. To behave with reckless abandon and to act as if the virus is history, could confront us with the grim realities of its continuing presence. May 2021 be an uplifting year.



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