We should take careful note. Based on what has happened interstate, confirms that Covid clusters are primarily seeded and spread from pubs, clubs, sit down indoors restaurants, and gymnasiums.

It is best that people give these venues a wide berth with governments offering support for owners and staff, rather than allowing them to operate and spread the virus.


Recent happenings in America leading to the storming of Capitol Hill by pro-Trump supporters is marking the USA as a sick, sick democracy.

That so much power can be vested in one man – the President – who can wield it in a way that denies his country for the sake of personal aggrandisement is inconceivable. One wonders if America can EVER be great again.


There is no sport in the NT more popular than horse racing. It earns an average of four pages of coverage in the newspaper each day.

Every other sport (and all well covered by the NT News) comes second to this leading sport.


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