Recent happenings in America leading to the storming of Capitol Hill by pro-Trump supporters is marking the USA as a sick, sick democracy.

That so much power can be vested in one man – the President – who can wield it in a way that denies his country for the sake of personal aggrandisement is inconceivable. One wonders if America can EVER be great again.


America’s dire straits illustrate how dysfunctional can be the republican model of governance. The power vested in one person can be used in a way that totally disrupts countries both both socially and economically.

There seems to be potential for reckless decision making under republican models of governance that need to be avoided. Let’s keep the monarchy.


I can understand why the separation of a large overseas defence contingent and their families from other people in quarantine might be necessary. However, why has a CBD hotel been chosen, rather than a place like Wickham Point, which would comfortably house many hundreds of people.

Alternately, there is a large almost empty motel/lodge at Lee Point which would lend itself to quarantining. Why also the secrecy surrounding this exercise? There is far too much happening in the NT which is clandestine in nature.


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