There is no need for a $24 million advertising campaign to create an awareness of the upcoming availability of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians have been following the story of the vaccine development. All they are waiting for is to know when it will be available. Expect appointments for the needle to overwhelm doctor’s surgeries and medical clinics.


Hats off to Facebook/Instagram and plaudits to Twitter for suspending Donald Trump’s accounts. These have been authored in a negative and perverse way for far too long.

They have added to the challenge and the imposition of this President on his country. I hope they are permanently closed.


In my opinion, Donald Trump’s presidency has resulted in four years of unrequited misery and wretchedness for America.

A country on the edge of wretchedness for a long time, the Trump years have seen the country slide deep into the quicksand of misery. That is my opinion.

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