Labor’s Bowen Wrong on Covid

Opposition Frontbencher Chris Bowen is going on about the Government abrogating its responsibilities toward Australians who are overseas and who cannot get back to Australia at this time. He is espousing the fact that the stranded ones have Australian Passports and therefore a right and entitlement to return to Australia.

He is right. They do have a right to return – so let them do something about managing their returns.

There has to be an end to government support, with hundreds of millions already outlaid to support homecomings.

Paradoxically, many of these ones wanting back had left Australia on a permanent basis for greener occupational pastures. All of a sudden the pasture has withered.

Many have no appreciation for support given. They are clamouring and demanding government intervention as a right. Those Australians living in Australia are supposed to be empathetic toward those who are giving nothing back for support received, excepting work for those overseeing their quarantine when they do return.

These returning ones are also bringing plenty of virus with them, adding to the risk of resident Australians who ARE resident. Instance the huge earlier community outbreaks in NSW and Victoria, with hundreds dying as a consequence of virus outbreaks.

It is time for Mr Bowen to shut up!

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