We do not need any more discussion or hugely costing studies to determine whether there should be an overpass at the Tiger Brennan/ Berrimah Road intersection.

Many sad deaths and countless accidents have predetermined this modification MUST be given ASAP construction status. Common sense suggests that the overpass should have been included in the original Tiger Brennan upgrade rather than being left for years. Too many of our major roadworks are shortsighted in anticipating future road usage and driver behaviour.


Visitors to the NT and the Top End are being introduced to one of the best wet seasons we have had in recent years.

Even for locals, this wet season to date has been a real bonus. Rainfall should augur well for raising the water level of Darwin River dam. Aquifers which were dangerously low will also be replenished. A good wet season is a great treat.


It is absolutely idiotic that Jim the Waving Man and an icon in Katherine, should be pinged by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics.

He has been selling a few plants and waving to passing motorists from his spot on the Katherine roadside for the past four years. Now in a show of bureaucratic strength, the department is moving him on! This is about departmental power carried to the extremes of arrant stupidity.


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