Congratulations to the Palmerston City Council for it’s prompt and definitive action in banning alcohol consumption at Marlow Lagoon for a trial period of four months. Unlike the City of Darwin Council which vacillated in relation to an identical problem at East Point by denying a police request for limiting alcohol consumption and the disruptive behaviour which follows, the PCC has reacted practically and with common sense. This council is keen to preserve the community in a way that allows family groups to enjoy and feel safe within parks and open space.


During this COVID-19 year, it seems that very few people have appreciated help received while proportionately complaints have been tsunami like. It also seems that those who are overseas and wanting to return are more about loading their problems on government to solve, rather than resorting to self help.


How many people who are overseas and wanting the government to help return them to Australia, left for overseas AFTER the DFAT’s advice to stay put and not travel?


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