The Kakadu revitalisation plan is full of promise and when implemented will offer substantial improvements to a spectacular area of the NT. This will be the second or third time significant money has been poured into a region that has been like a thirsty gap. The more money allocated, the more the region seems to demand. Burdensome administration has been part of the problem. Lack of care and maintenance has also allowed for premature deterioration of infrastructure. Will these deficits be rectified, for if not, waste will stay.


The NT News (23/10) raised three alarm bells about governance in the Territory. The offhanded way jn which the paper’s request for a copy of the renewables report was treated makes a mockery of transparency. An increase in job numbers of close to 3,000 positions in the past four years after the government promise of a trimmed down public service flies in the face of reason. Thirdly, Deputy CM Nicole Manison gave clear understanding that scrutiny of the government’s legislative program and policies resided solely with the CLP opposition and a scrutiny committee was no longer necessary. This suggests that self monitoring, self regulation and accountability are of no consequence to our government and THAT is a real worry.

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