Kon Vatskalis has declared his intention of again standing for election for the position of Darwin’s Lord Mayor. As he suggests (NT News 3/2) his accomplishments and future intentions are toward development of the CBD. My thinking ahead of the August 28 election will be toward what he and our Aldermen have done in supporting and funding programs enhancing our suburbs, particularly our older residential areas. My support will definitely be for those who think and demonstrate that Darwin is more than just the CBD.


I would be very reluctant to ever again stay in a hotel that has been home to exats and others coming back from overseas and into 14 day quarantine periods. I would be forever on edge that lingering traces of the Covid 19 virus and its variants remained, with infection being a possibility.


That Anthina Pascoe-Bell intends to stand again for the Palmerston mayorship is good news. She has done an outstanding job (with her council) of progressing Palmerston. Her vision and that of aldermen encompass the whole of the city and its suburbs. Under her mayorship, the council has overcome its previous turbulent history.


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