We are reading stories, published almost daily, confirming the Darwin property market is booming. Property sales figures and rental interest are the best in Australia (and we are well and truly post-Impex). Given this being the case, how can it be that the valuer general has significantly declined the unimproved capital value (UCV) of much of our land in Darwin’s suburbs?


The paper (31/1) urges Australians to holiday here in the NT this year. The unseasonal number of vehicles on our roads and the jam packed shopping car parks with vehicles and centres with people, suggests this advice is being well no truly taken. In all my years in Darwin, this wet season is buzzing with people like never before. With all this activity, we can but hope that the Territory community stays Covid free.


I hope the number of outstanding ICAC reports causing government to hold its breath (Sunday Territorian 31/1) is in no way connected with Commissioner Flemning’s recently announced decision to leave the NT with two years of his contract still outstanding. The pending reports might make for interesting reading.


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