One of Darwin and Palmerston’s public works attributes has been the design and installation of roads, bikeways and pathways with excellent drainage systems. Only after the heaviest abd most prolonged of downpours are a few of our roads affected by floodwaters and then for only the briefest of periods. Thank you to those who had the foresight to provide these superior water

management systems.


Many congratulations to Ms Bec Bullen and her staff for earning ‘Charlie’s of Darwin’ a place in the world’s best Top 20 bars (NT News 29/1). With so much negativity about alcohol and its consumption in the NT generally and in Darwin particularly, it is great to know there are places where pride in service and the attitudes of patrons toward culinary excellence along with alcohol service and consumption is so positive. Charlie’s, already an Australian drawcard is likely to attract many visitors from around the world in the post-Covid era.


Daily reading of the NT News elicits appreciation for NT frontline police and the great job they do in countering criminal behaviour which sadly, is part of territory life. They, along with emergency services personnel, are also involved with what seems to be an increasing spree of road accidents and infringements by motorists. The ‘thin blue line’ is working on community preservation 24/7. We are hugely indebted to our police.


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