Congratulations to AFLNT CEO Stuart Totham and his management term for so quickly and decisively organising an inquiry into the recent fracas after the Under 18 St Mary’s v Wanderers game at Marrara Football Park.

The League’s action should dampen the enthusiasm of those who might be inclined to contemplate such behaviour in the future. Maintaining behavioural standards cannot be overlooked.


Various institutes and organisations concerned with economic development of the CBD are urging the Council and aldermen standing for election to focus on the city’s needs and its future.

This urging is somewhat anachronistic; our city fathers already do that and will surely continue in the same vein beyond the August election. It’s the suburbs that dip out on the care and intention they deserve. That neglect is unlikely to change.


With Trevor Jenkins the “Rubbish Warrior” again in court (NT News 10/3) , we ought not forget there are two sides to every coin. Mr Jenkins has earned not one but two Pride of Australia medals for his contributions to our Territory.

I would vouch-safe him to be the only Australian and certainly the only Territorian to be twice honoured with pride medals. This makes him one of a very positive kind of person.

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