Garth Crowhurst’s issue over his house being rejected for insurance purposes by TIO (NT News 11/3) because of break-in frequency is disquieting. Mr Crowhurst’s experience moves the situation of uninsurability confronted by many businesses to the home front. Government platitudes about fixing crime are just that – mouthed intentions that will never be actioned. Darwin and Palmerston are increasingly cities of victims.

I think the airlines are having a loan of government with their ‘crying poor’. Domestic flights are hardly skeletal in terms of frequency and return to regular timetabling. With repatriation flights and given that over 100,000 people have been cleared for overseas destinations during the pandemic, flights out of Australia are far from non existent. And with government about to subsidise 50% of airfare costs to tourist destinations, watch out for airlines to hike fares.


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