Entering Casuarina Shopping Square via the travellator at the Woolworths end of the centre, poses a clear and distinct danger for the unwary. Close to the Casuarina bus terminal, this area is continually overwhelmed by people whose intent and actions toward each other is intensely antisocial. No matter when you go into Casuarina, expect to see security staff and indeed police, trying to quell the conduct of gathered masses. The reputation that behaviour in and around the centre is gaining, will result in customers turning away – permanently.


The number of head injury asessments (HIA’s) and concussions happening because of head-banging collisions in contact sports is alarming. It may by time for football codes to consider mandating impact absorbing headgear for footballers.


We are less than 12 months into a four year term of government. Already there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm and vibrancy about government leadership. Its laissre faire attitude to carefully crafted opposition suggestions on crime management and point blank refusal to consider a bipartisan approach to fixing the issue was short sighted. Government must grapple with major social issues rather than avoiding responsibility.


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