If the NT News ever publishes an edition that does NOT report on youth crime, trashed businesses, homes violated by intruders and stolen cars, buy a copy and file it carefully.

Such an edition, if ever published, will be a rare collector’s item.


Why is there an incessant stream of ambulance movements between RDH and the Palmerston District Hospital, mostly for the sake of procedural patient transfer?

Why are patients not moved by the top end patient transfer buses in order to reduce costs and preserve ambulances for emergency purposes?


The way in which royalties money is splurged by so many recipients (NT News 8/4) is about eye watering waste. Royalties management by the Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust is a model that should be emulated by other groups.

There have been a few periodic glitches but royalties money is placed in a trust that has bought into significant business ventures benefiting the NT and profiting those in whose family/clan names the trust is held. The only persons disappointed by this arrangement would be second hand car dealers and hoteliers.


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