Anything to do with conflict and aggravation between the sexes is all one way. Everything that goes wrong, goes wrong because of the sins of the male gender.

In specific terms:

• Girls and women never ever give boys or men the come on.

• Females never throw themselves at male sportsmen.

• Girls never access social media looking for male ‘companionship’ that goes wrong.

• Women never ever ingratiate themselves on male counterparts in the hope of promotion within organisations.

• Women never ever contact men on social media with invitations to view improper photographs that are akin to soliciting contact.

• Prostitution is a trade repelled by women and encouraged only by men.

• In terms of attitudes to intimacy, women are enlightened and men are blighted by their selfish desires for physical fulfilment.

• vAll women are faithful to relationships they establish. It is only men who e3ver go wrong.

• 100% of all domestic violence is attributable to men. They are so wrong in what they do.

• All gender based bullying behaviour is attributable to boys and men. None of this behaviour is born of the actions of women and girls.

• All teasing is done by those of the male gender and all victims are females.

• Every wrong in the world is attributable to men.

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