Listening to the radio and from other media sources we are being told that the Northern Territory is in the “post Covid era”. Territorians are being lulled into complacency, with the coronavirus being treated as “historically past”. This is a dangerous message; We are still very much in the Covid era and neglect appropriate cautions at our peril.

If COVID-19 gets out into our community we will not know what has hit us!


Those who damaged the Palmerston War Memorial if caught and found guilty, should be publicly named and shamed. This should include their photographs being included in print and TV media. Those who do dastardly acts in relation dr to tangible remembrances to defence force personnel do not deserve anonymity or protection from recognition. They should be revealed to us all as persons whose conduct is vile and reprehensible. Theirs is the worst kind of behaviour for they are dishonouring those who gave their lives in service for our country.


Muirhead, is a rapidly expanding suburb with proposed extensions likely to grow it to a division housing 10,000 plus people. What Muirhead DESPERATELY needs is a government primary school along with commercial and retail facilities. It does not need a tavern any more than the sea needs water. A tavern should be the last, not the first consideration when it comes to amenities.

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