The more Australians (and those with residential visas) who are repatriated, the more there are clamouring to come home. How is it that the more that come back, lead to waiting lists growing longer rather than shorter. It seems as if this is a mathematical problem that would test the logic of a university professor.


John Adams (‘No appetite for real change’ Sun. Terr. 25/4) misses the point. Change has to start with those who break the law, invoking the judicial responses leading to imprisonment. During the past 30 years, there has been an escalation, not a diminishment, in crimes leading to internment. If there is to be a lessening of incarceration as Mr Adams advocates, then the behaviours leading to imprisonment have to be curtailed. The onus is on the offenders, not victims and institutions, to change their ways.


There is too much pussyfooting around the issue of ‘age of criminal responsibility’. Young people by the age of 10 know the difference between right and wrong. And if they don’t, then parental neglect and irresponsibility in their upbringing is the main culprit. It is high time that parents were held accountable in law for the actions of their under age children. Instead, government excuses them of all responsibility (for neglecting their children) during their formative years.


Those who damaged the Palmerston War Memorial if caught and found guilty, should be publicly named and shamed. This should include their photographs being included in print and TV media. Those who do dastardly acts in relation dr to tangible remembrances to defence force personnel do not deserve anonymity or protection from recognition. They should be revealed to us all as persons whose conduct is vile and reprehensible. Theirs is the worst kind of behaviour for they are dishonouring those who gave their lives in service for our country.


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