The Yirrkala incident resulting in the death of a young man is very sad. Unfortunately, these community disturbances seem to be increasing in frequency. Staff in these places used to live in relatively safe environments, but no more. Where they can, service providers commute to work from nearby towns. Those too distant for daily travel to work, live in secured houses in locked and gated compounds. Will it be like this forever?


The filth and mess left behind as the innumerable and growing groups of itinerants move from one squatting point to the next in Darwin and Palmerston is thoroughly disgusting. Multiple hours of time and cost have to be devoted to cleaning up behind these groups by local government authorities. Many itinerants are from communities demanding respect for their country, while they litter the areas they are visiting


The May Day holiday and the march by union groups remind us of the importance of worker’s rights and entitlements. However, they fail to highlight the obligations of employees. Less than 20% of workers are now union members and the number continues to decline. How long will it be until unions are history?


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