The high percentage of police resignation in the NT is in part attributable to training programs. NT police training is for a shorter period than required by interstate police departments. Trainees elect to train in the NT, complete their post-training probationary period, then head for their home states, gaining tenure because they are qualified. Our NT police training program needs to be upgraded, because at the moment we are supporting states and diminishing our own force.


The superannuation dilemma confronting employees, especially those in the NT, is grim (Sun. Terr. 9/5). Paltry accumulations were reduced for many by the Federal Government allowing for withdrawals from superannuation accounts of up to $20,000. This helped set people up for a life of poverty when they retire. Beyond the pension, they will have nothing.


The NT Government is putting $964,000 into a program to inspire aspiration in Aboriginal students (NT News 10/5). When it comes to motivating students, the government and education minister Moss would be wise to consider all students and not just some, to the exclusion of others.


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