We once had a police commissioner recruited from interstate (also WA) following a “… robust independent recruitment process over many months” Just a thought on going outside the NT when looking for the best persons to fill positions.

If the purpose of a parliamentary opposition is to knock each and every proposition raised by government, then Lia Finocchiaro is the best opposition leader an incumbent NT government has ever faced. However, opposition parties have to come up with viable alternatives to policies and practices being rejected. They are also quick to forget their own shortcomings (like the port lease and TIO sale) that happened under their watch when governing.

The superannuation dilemma confronting employees, especially those in the NT, is grim (Sun. Terr. 9/5). Paltry accumulations were reduced for many by the Federal Government allowing for withdrawals from superannuation accounts of up to $20,000. This helped set people up for a life of poverty when they retire. Beyond the pension, they will have nothing.

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