An amazing feature of the 2021/22 NT budget is, that apart from the four year salary freeze, no extra taxes and charges are being levied against Territorians. Few treasurers can resist diving into wallets and purses in order to levy funds, so our treasurer has worked a minor miracle in resisting the urge to garner funds from extra taxes and charges. This is another ‘plus’ for the government’s policies on fiscal management.


It fills me with pride that past CM Shane Stone, who was an effective and efficient contributor to NT progress and development, should be chosen to lead the new National Recovery and Resilience Agency. Mr Stone has made an ongoing and everlasting contribution to helping recognise and overcome dislocation caused by drought and flood. His awareness and the wisdom he brings to his new role, will well serve all Australians. We should be reassured by his appointment.


The IGA supermarket in Zuccoli deserves praise for the clean, well lit premises maintained by owner, managers and staff. No supermarket in Darwin or Palmerston is more inviting or appealing to customers. All products in this extensively stocked store are clearly visible with aisles well marked to show contents. Staff are friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure to shop in a store that offers so much by way of quality service to customers.

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