Kakadu National Park is crying out for support, including the need for all those connected with this great Australian asset to be on the same page in redevelopment and management. Kakadu, along with Uluru, is a jewel in Australia’s crown of natural features. We must not lock it away from the world.


Indigenous youth issues would be better understood by those making decisions about justice issues, were they to access a report titled “The Social Process of Education”. Researcher Mitsiro Shimpo authored the report in the late 1970’s. The reasons for the dilemma we all confront on this issue could still be addressed if Shimpo’s management recipe was applied.


There are a number of factors that would need careful consideration if a fuel farm was to be set up at Gove. Top of the list are the horrendous freight costs associated with the movement of bulk commodities over vast distances to and from this remote location. The ‘strategy’ is also somewhat compromised by announcement of its location to the whole world.


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