CM Gunner was not going to entertain repatriation flights returning from India until the end of May. What happened to that undertaking?


When will those wringing their hands about miscreant youth and their antisocial conduct wake up to the fact that parents are neglecting their duties toward raising their children? Why are parents forgiven for neglecting their children?

Bassinthegrass has resurrected musical life and cultural vibrance in Darwin. It has offered a culturally uplifting experience. 14,000 fans have experienced unrequited joy.


Southern critics of the extreme care being taken in returning Covid refugees from India to Howard Springs need to ease off the criticism about Health Department precautions. We live here, they don’t!


Where is Corrections Commissioner Scott McNairn on leave and last mentioned in the NT News on March 10. People deserve privacy but don’t we have a right to know what is happening when a highly paid CEO turns up on seemingly indefinite leave.


The ABC ‘Insiders’ program needs the return of Barrie Cassidy. Cassidy never imposed his viewpoint on the program. It was interactive. Panelists were part of a forum not a question and answer approach. Cassidy was not an incessant interruptor and conversation flowed. ‘Insiders’ is heading south.

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