Thanks to the media for keeping us aware of when repatriation flights are arriving from various destinations. The surreptitious and unannounced arrival of repatriation flights from overseas is not right.


When will those wringing their hands about miscreant youth and their antisocial conduct wake up to the fact that parents are neglecting their duties toward raising their children? Why are parents forgiven for neglecting their children?

The top end of Mitchell Street at night is a throng of drinking, carousing, ya-hooing people. Safety insurance is almost necessary for anyone needing to pass through.


The City of Darwin Council’s focus on tourism is an established fact. It’s prioritisation of visitors over local, long term citizens is well understood. On a scale of 1-10, with one lowest and 10 highest, Council’s care for tourists is 10, for locals 1.


The news has picked up on five accounts wrongly sent to people who did not quarantine at Howard Springs. How many thousands have received legitimate accounts for quarantining and have elected to avoid payment?


The upcoming AFL game (May 28) between the Gold Coast Suns and Hawthorn should be a ripper. Both teams have similar statistics and skills sets for 2021. This will be a game football lovers will not want to miss.


How can a person who is killed while trying to evade police, be deemed a “death in custody” statistic. They have not been under police control.

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