Bus and taxi drivers deserve danger money for the daily occupational challenges they face in Darwin. They are unsung heroes.


The anti-vaxxer movement will undo Australia’s attempt to vaccinate against Covid-19. Vaccination should be compulsory, unless excused by a doctor’s certificate.

Congratulations to Scott Morrison who is coming up to 1,000 days in office as our PM. We are blessed to have the steadiness of his leadership in these uncertain times.


So a strip club is being reopened in Darwin. In light of the Australia-wide ‘respect for women’ campaign in every state, territory and parliament, this should be a real help.


A woman taking part in an Indian festival was interviewed on tv. She said, “we are happy. Even if we get infected with coronavirus we don’t care. We are happy to be out here celebrating.” And then people wonder how COVID-19 can be so rampant.

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