I am confused by ‘black lives matter’ issues. If indigenous deaths are attributed to non indigenous persons, there are major community reactions. However, when indigenous persons injure or kill each other, there is little reaction. How come?


I am a sad, disappointed West Coast supporter. The Eagles round 11 failure against Essendon, means they are finished for this season and are now reduced to easybeat status. They will finish in the bottom third of the points table. Four quarters of sustained football is beyond the team.


Qantas wanted to outsource baggage handlers and airport ground staff to contract management in order to save money. A baggage handling vehicle crashing into a laden Qantas plane at the Darwin Airport would have dented this money saving ambition.


Karama has turned into a sad suburb. In 1987 it was an area very definitely Jewel in Darwin’s crown. Fast forward 44 years and it has been reduced to a crime riddled ghetto.


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