Rumour has it that the Quest Hotel in Berrimah has been booked out by the Health Department to accomodate staff being employed to manage the Howard Springs quarantine program. Maybe, maybe not – but why the furtive secrecy about this booking. Quest’s callous treatment in cancelling earlier bookings and being so high handed with those now without accomodation is deplorable.


Unlike some, I feel blessed and reassured to hear defence force planes in the sky, both day and night. It offers reassurance that we are under the care and protection of an active and aware strategic defence program, one up to date on strategies that are honed through practice.


One does not need a dog to share in the cacophony offered by neighbouring canines every time a pedestrian, cyclist or dog walker passes by. In our area, few hours pass each day or night without noisy, penetrating reminders that dogs are very much a part of life and living in this suburb.

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