Darwin is blessed by Neuron’s enlightened attitude toward allowing e-Scooters and e-Bikes to travel further and further from the CBD into our suburbs. This is allowing us to share more and more of our city’s suburbs and facilities with tourists and visitors; a win for everyone.


International repatriants should continue to enter the NT, bound for Howard Springs quarantine, through the RAAF disembarkation point. Changing that to arrival through the international airport, no matter what security is guaranteed, will water down present securities. Why toss the best arrivals process for one that is not as good?


ALL THOSE who are offered unemployment benefits and support to assist living during Covid times should have money received tagged to a card that disallows gambling, purchase of alcohol and cigarettes and frittering of money.


Ethnic groups (Greeks, Sri Lankans, Indians, Philippines, Vietnamese and others) are self sufficient in funding and supporting the Territory through their festival programs. Why do Indigenous Australian festivals and celebrations have to be supported with public funding?

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