Points to Ponder


We may desire an AFL team but we have to be cost conscious. The NT Government contributes close to $2 million each year for two AFL games in the NT. If an NT team is going to cost government (and Territorians) countless millions each year, we should proceed with caution.


The fact that Palmerston Regional Hospital offers very limited services, imposes extra and unwarranted patient burdens on RDH. The NT Government and planning authorities are responsible or the ongoing hospital challenges we face, because they tried to get a second hospital on the cheap.


People who deliberately flout Covid travel restrictions and subject others to viral threat should, if apprehended, be photographed for and named in the media. Their blatant and deliberate actions should forfeit their right to anonymity. They should also be held accountable to bear some of the cost associated with the need to set up testing clinics necessitated by their actions.


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