Points to Ponder


AFL will miss Collingwood’s Nathan Buckley as an experienced senior coach who leaves a huge legacy as a player and coach. In many ways he has been the fall guy, on the receiving end of club policies and management board priorities. I hope he is quickly inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame.


News stories about the Palmerston City Council always confirm that the mayor and aldermen are there first and foremost for the citizens of Palmerston. As a long term Darwinian, I never ever get to feel that Darwin residents hold the same place in the thinking of our elected local government representatives.


That hiker Maggie Dobbin was rescued from a dire predicament (NT News) confirms just how well prepared NT police, fire and emergency services are, to respond in dire circumstances. Ms Dobbin was also prepared with food and blanket in case things should go wrong. Wisdom all around I think.


My thanks to the NT News for keeping us informed about Covid cases emerging at Howard Springs among repatriated Australians. Thanks also for letting us know when flights of repatriats from overseas touch down in Darwin. Without the astute observation of your reporting team, these are things we would not know.

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